Contact Dunk Requirements 2K24

Contact Dunk are the most powerful dunks in the game and can trigger special posterizer animations. Contact Dunks require a high rating in Driving Dunk(or Standing Dunk) and Vertical to use.

Contact Dunk Requirements

View the requirements for all of the contact dunk packages below.

Table Legend

Name: Package Name
DD: Driving Dunk
SD: Standing Dunk
VE: Vertical
Min: Minimum Height
Max: Maximum Height
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Name DD SD VE Min Max
Two Foot Pro8725755'77'3
One Foot Pro8925785'77'3
Two Foot Elite9425825'77'3
One Foot Elite9625865'77'3
Two Foot Small8625855'76'4
One Foot Small9325855'76'4
Pro Standing Bigs2580606'107'3
Elite Standing Bigs2590756'107'3

How to activate Contact Dunks in NBA 2K24?

Three Key Factors to Trigger More Contact Dunks:

  • Equip: Make sure you have bought and equipped Contact Dunk packages in the Dunk Style Creator
  • Meter Dunk: The best way to trigger Contact Dunks is to Meter Dunk with the Right Stick.
  • Positioning: They trigger most often when you have a clear path to the basket and the defender is near the hoop but out of position or not directly in your path.