NBA 2K22 Locker Codes List

Last Updated: January 28, 2022

Find all of the NBA 2K22 Locker Codes here. This page is update daily so you never miss a code. Enter these codes in game to get free rewards such as players, packs and tokens.

Locker Codes for NBA 2K22 in our old table list format.

*Expiration time is an estimate based on the time the Locker Code was posted by 2K.

*Locker Codes typically expire after 1 week.

ReleaseLocker CodeRewardExpiration
1/28/22NBA2K22-KNICKS-BUCKS-752 Guaranteed Players and 3 Boosts for MyCareer1/29/22
1/28/22MYTEAM-FLASH-5-GALAXY-OPAL-MJFlash 5 Pack, Slasher Diamond Shoe Boost Pack or 3 Tokens2/4/22
1/25/22HUNT-4-GLORY-CAMO-THE-WORMHunt 4 Glory: Camouflage Pack, Glass Cleaner Badge Pack or Rebounding Diamond Shoe Boost Pack2/1/22
1/23/22NBA2K-NYK-LAC-SUNDAYS2 Guaranteed Players and Gatorade Boosts for MyCareer1/24/22
1/21/22CHI-MIL-NBA75-NBA2K222 Guaranteed Players and Gatorade Boosts for MyCareer1/22/22
1/21/22MYTEAM-BEASTS-PACKSBeasts Pack or Diamond Shoe Pack1/28/22
1/18/22HUNT-4-GLORY-SOARING-SPIDAHunt 4 Glory: Soaring Pack, Slasher Badge Pack, or Slasher Diamond Shoe Boost Pack1/25/22
1/17/22NBA2K-HAPPY-MLK-DAYMLK Day Banner and Shirt for MyCareer1/18/22
1/17/22MLK-DAY-THANKS-MYTEAMDiamond Contract, Diamond Consumables Pack, 50 Tokens or 25 Tokens1/24/22
1/17/22HAPPY-MLK-DAY-NBA2KMLK Day Banner for MyCareer1/17/22
1/14/22DAL-MEM-NBA75-WINPack With 2 Guaranteed Players and 3 Skill Boosts for MyCareer1/15/22
1/14/22SIGNATURE-SERIES-4-DURANTSignature Series IV Pack, Clutch Shooter Badge Pack or 3 Tokens1/21/22
1/14/22HUNT-4-GLORY-IN-MYTEAMDiamond Shoe Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost, Signature Series IV Pack, 25 tokens or 10 tokens1/21/22
1/11/22MYTEAM-NBA-75-THE-LOGONBA 75 Pack or Badge Pack1/18/22
1/10/22MYTEAM-SEASON-3-SUPER-PACKSMaxed Out, Signature Series III, Iced Out, 'Tis The Season, New Year's Resolution, or Iced Out 2 Pack1/17/22
1/9/22HAPPY-KLAY-DAYHOF Green Machine Badge, HOF Hot Zone Hunter Badge and Free Agent Klay card1/10/22
1/8/22FROM-COMMUNITY-HUB-VIDSColossal Deluxe, Dunktober Deluxe, Alter Ego, Mystic Deluxe or New Year's Resolution Deluxe Pack1/15/22
1/8/22HUB-ASK-A-DEV-CODE-110, 15, 20 or 25 Tokens1/15/22
1/7/22MYTEAM-ICED-OUT-2-PACKSIced Out 2 Pack or Diamond Shoe Boost1/14/22
1/4/22MYTEAM-NBA-75-BIG-GAME-JAMESNBA 75 Pack, Slasher Badge Pack or 2 Tokens1/11/22
1/1/22HAPPY-NEW-YEARSDiamond Shoe Pack, Diamond Contract or Diamond Series 1 player1/8/22
12/31/21MYTEAM-NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONNew Year's Resolution Pack, Diamond Shoe Colorway or 2 Tokens1/7/22
12/28/21MYTEAM-NBA-75-PD-DIRKNBA 75 Pack or a Post Scorer Pack1/4/22
12/27/21THE-BEST-OF-NBA-2K22Alter Ego Deluxe, Mystic Deluxe, Dunktober Deluxe, Limited Edition I or Limited Edition II Pack1/3/22
12/25/21NBA2K-SUNS-WARRIORS-SATURDAYMyTeam Pack and a Gatorade Boost12/26/21
12/25/21NBA2K22-HAWKS-KNICKS-XMASTis the Season Deluxe Pack, Token and 2XP Coin12/26/21
12/25/21HAPPY-HOLIDAYS-FROM-MYTEAM15,000 MTP, 30,000 MTP, 50 Tokens, 75 Tokens or a Diamond Contract1/1/22
12/25/21LAL-ATL-NEW-YEAR2 Guaranteed MyTeam Players and Gatorade Boosts12/26/21
12/25/21HAPPY-NBA2K-HOLIDAYS2 XP Coins, a Holiday Player Panel, and a Holiday skateboard1/1/22
12/25/21NBA-75-PINK-DIAMONDPink Diamond Jason Kidd, Clyde Drexler, Moses Malone, Nate Thurmond or Larry Bird1/1/22
12/24/21MYTEAM-TIS-THE-SEASON-PACKSTis the Season Deluxe Pack or Diamond Shoe Boost12/31/21
12/21/21MYTEAM-NBA-75-PD-WILKINSNBA 75 Pack or a Slasher Badge Pack12/28/21
12/17/21LAL-MIN-2K22-NBA752 Guaranteed MyTeam Players and 3 Skill Boosts12/18/21
12/17/21MYTEAM-PD-KOBE-AND-MAGICSignature Series III Pack, Clutch Shooter Badge Pack or 2 Tokens12/24/21
12/14/21PD-DAVE-COWENS-IN-MYTEAMNBA 75 Pack or 2 Tokens12/21/21
12/10/21NBA75-SEASONS-2K222 Guaranteed Players and 1 Gatorade Boost12/11/21
12/10/21MYTEAM-ICED-OUT-PACKSIced Out Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost or 2 Tokens12/17/21
12/7/21NBA-75-LARRY-BIRD-IN-MYTEAMNBA 75 Pack or a Sharpshooter Pack12/14/21
12/3/21PHX-NBA75-GSW-222 Guaranteed MyTeam Players and 3 Skill Boosts12/4/21
12/3/21MYTEAM-MAXED-OUT-PLAYERSMaxed Out Pack or Diamond Shoe Boost12/10/21
12/3/21MYTEAM-SEASON-3-ICED-OUTDiamond Shoe Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost, Diamond Contract or Diamond Series 1 Pack12/10/21
11/30/21BUILD-YOUR-EMPIRE-SUPER-PACKSSignature Series II, Flash 3, Flash 4, Alter Ego, or Mystic Pack12/7/21
11/29/21NBA-PRIMETIME-6-PACK-AND-MORENBA Primetime 6 Pack, Gold Shoe Boosts Pack or 1 Token12/6/21
11/28/21MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-THANKS5,000 MT, 25 Tokens, 50 Tokens, or 75 Tokens12/5/21
11/27/21MYTEAM-UNLIMITED-GAMEDAY-2Mystic Deluxe Pack12/4/21
11/25/21HAPPY-THANKSGIVINGHappy Thanksgiving Player Banner11/25/21
11/25/21THANKSGIVING-OPTION-PACKChoose from Amy Donovan Mitchell, Amy Blake Griffin, Diamond Chris Paul, Diamond Nikola Jokic or Diamond Dominique Wilkins12/2/21
11/24/21THANKS-BKN-BOS-2K22Deluxe Mystic Pack and 1 Hour 2XP Coin for MyCareer12/1/21
11/24/21GIVE-THANKS-BANNERThanksgiving Player Banner11/24/21
11/24/21MYSTIC-TMAC-AND-GIANNISMystic Pack, Slasher Badge Pack, or 2 Tokens12/1/21
11/23/21ITS-TURKEY-SEASONThanksgiving Player Banner11/23/21
11/22/21THANKSGIVING-COUNTDOWNThanksgiving Basketball Court Player Banner11/22/21
11/21/21MYTEAM-DIAMOND-OPTION-PACKChoice of Diamond Shoe, Diamond Shoe Boost or Diamond Contract11/28/21
11/19/212K22-LAL-NBA75-BOS2 Guaranteed MyTeam Players and MyCareer Gatorade Boosts11/20/21
11/19/21FLASH-4-GLITCHED-JOHN-WALLFlash 4 Pack, Playmaker Badge Pack, or 2 Tokens11/26/21
11/16/21PD-NATE-THURMOND-IN-MYTEAMNBA Primetime V Pack or Rim Protector Badge Pack11/23/21
11/14/21NBA2K-SUNDAY-LAL-SAS2 Guaranteed MyTeam Players and MyCareer Gatorade Boosts11/15/21
11/12/212K22-NBA75-BOS-MILBucks vs Celtics Player Pack and 3 Skill Boosts for MyCareer11/13/21
11/12/21MYTEAM-LIMITED-EDITION-2-PG13Limited Edition II Pack11/19/21
11/9/21NBA-PRIMETIME-4-MOSES-MALONENBA Primetime IV Pack or Glass Cleaner Badge Pack11/16/21
11/8/21DOUBLE-XP-COIN60 minute 2XP coin11/13/21
11/5/212K22-SEASON-NYK-MILKnicks Vs Bucks Player Pack and 1 Gatorade Boost for MyCareer11/6/21
11/5/21DAVID-ROBINSON-IN-MYTEAMFlash 3 Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost or 2 Tokens11/12/21
11/2/21NOV-PLAYER-BANNERPlayer Banner11/5/21
11/2/21NBA-PRIMETIME-3-MASHBURNNBA Primetime III Pack, NBA Series 1 Pelicans Player Pack or Gold Shoe Pack11/9/21
10/31/21HALLOWEEN-IN-MYTEAMAlter Ego Deluxe Pack11/7/21
10/29/21HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-2K22Player Banner10/31/21
10/29/21CHA-NBA75-MIA-2K22Heat Vs Hornets Player Pack and 1 Gatorade Boost for MyCareer10/30/21
10/29/21MASKED-PLAYERS-IN-MYTEAMAlter Ego Pack, 2 Tokens or Blinders Badge Pack11/5/21
10/26/21PRIMETIME-PETE-MARAVICH-MyTEAMNBA Primetime II Pack, Tight Handles Badge Pack or Shoe Award Pack11/2/21
10/22/21MYTEAM-NBA75-NETS-SIXERS5 Tokens and Nets Vs Sixers Player Pack10/23/21
10/22/21BUILD-YOUR-MYTEAM-EMPIRESignature Series II Pack, Diamond Shoe Base, Diamond Shoe Boost or 5 Tokens10/29/21
10/22/21THE-WORM-SEASON-2Evolution Dennis Rodman12/3/21
10/21/21MYTEAM-MOMENTS-CHRIS-DUARTESapphire Chris Duarte10/28/21
10/19/212KTV-OPENING-NIGHTFree Agent Giannis10/19/21
10/19/21NBA-PRIMETIME-PACKS-MYTEAMNBA Primetime Pack, Converse Shoe Pack or 1 Token10/26/21
10/19/21HUB-OPTION-PACKDiamond Mid-Range Shoe Boost, Diamond Jordan XXXI Shoe, Karl-Anthony Towns Signature, HOF Set Shooter Badge, or Diamond Defensive Rebound Shoe Boost10/26/21
10/18/21SEASON-ONE-FINAL-PUSHTwo 60 Minute XP Tokens10/21/21
10/18/21S1-CALL-TO-BALL-SUPER-PACKColossal, Dunktober, Signature Series, Flash 1 or Flash 2 Pack10/25/21
10/16/21MYTEAM-UNLIMITED-GAMEDAY-2K22Deluxe Limited Edition Pack10/17/21
10/15/21LIMITED-EDITION-MJ-IN-MYTEAMLimited Edition Pack, Clutch Shooter Badge Pack or Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack10/22/21
10/12/21PRIMETIME-ZACH-LAVINE-MYTEAMPrimetime V Pack, Gold Adidas Shoe Pack or Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack10/19/21
10/11/21REC-BANNER-2K22Player Banner10/18/21
10/8/21FLASH-2-PACKS-IN-MYTEAMFlash 2 Pack, Nike Gold Shoe Pack or 2 Tokens10/15/21
10/5/21MYTEAM-PRIMETIME-IGUODALAPrimetime IV Pack, Nike Gold Shoe Pack, or Clutch Shooter Badge Pack10/12/21
10/4/212K22-PRO-AM-BANNERPro Am Player Banner10/11/21
10/2/21DUNKTOBER-PACK-OR-BADGEDunktober Pack or Slasher Badge Pack10/9/21
10/1/21ITS-DUNKTOBER-IN-MYTEAMDunktober Pack, Slasher Badge Pack or Gold Shoe Pack10/8/21
9/29/21WILKINS-OPTION-PACKSapphire Dominique Wilkins, Silver Fast Twitch, Glue Hands Badge, Driving Dunk Shoe Boost, or a Gold Reebok Pump Shoe Colorway10/6/21
9/28/21PRIMETIME-IVERSON-IN-MYTEAMPrimetime Pack, Reebok Gold Shoe Pack, or 1 Token10/5/21
9/27/21NEW-2K22-BANNERPlayer Banner for MyPlayer10/4/21
9/24/21MYTEAM-SIGNATURE-SERIES-CARDSSignature Series Pack, Gold Converse Shoe Pack or 2 Tokens10/1/21
9/22/21EQUINOX-DIAMONDSDiamond Shoe Base, Diamond Shoe Boost, or Diamond Contract9/29/21
9/21/21PRIMETIME-PACKS-IN-MYTEAMPrimetime Pack, Nike Gold Shoe Base, Badge Pack, 3 Shoe Boosts, or 1 Token9/28/21
9/20/212K22-PLAYER-INDICATORPlayer Indicator9/24/21
9/17/21DOUBLEXP-BANNERS-ANDMORE3 Banners, 30 minute 2XP Coin, New Player Indicator, New Perfect Green Release Animation9/21/21
9/17/21FLASH-PACKS-IN-MYTEAM-2K22Flash Pack, Gold New Balance Kawhi Shoe Base Pack, Gold Adidas D-Rose 11 Shoe Base Pack or 2 Tokens9/24/21
9/14/21GET-READY-FOR-PRIMETIMEJordan Shoe Pack, Adidas Shoe Pack, Badge Pack, Gold Shoe Boost Pack or Token9/21/21
9/10/21HAPPY-NEXTGEN-2KDAY-223 Banners, 30 minutes 2XP Coin, New Player Indicator, New Perfect Green Release Animation9/14/21
9/10/212KDAY-IN-MYTEAMDiamond +4 Driving Dunk Card, Diamond Shoe, Free Agent Lebron, Free Agent Russell Westbrook and Free Agent Zach Lavine9/12/21
9/10/21WELCOME-TO-MYTEAM-CALL-TO-BALLDeluxe Colossal Pack, 5 Gold Shoe Boosts, 5 Gold Shoe Bases, or a Draft Ticket9/17/21
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