NBA 2K22 Contact Dunk Requirements

What are contact dunks?

Contact dunks are dunk animations where you posterize the defender in the paint. They improve the chances of your player finishing through contact at the rim.

Current Gen Contact Dunk Requirements

In order to consistently get contact dunks you need to equip contact dunk packages and the Posterizer badge. The requirements to purchase and equip the Contact Dunk animations are as follows:

  • Pro Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 84
  • Elite Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 92
  • Small Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 86, Below 6'5"
  • Pro Bigman Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 80, Above 6'10"
  • Elite Bigman Contact Dunks: 90 Standing Dunk, Above 6'10"
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