NBA 2K21 Rep Progression

September 2nd, 2020

Here are all of the prizes unlocked at each MyRep level:

Rookie One

  • Unlock all hair color at Doc's

  • Ability to customize your jersey at the NBA Store

  • Unlock ability to wear accessories in the neighborhood

  • Can buy hats and bling at Swag's

  • Tier 1 emotes unlocked

  • Skateboard, beach cruiser and scooter available for purchase

Rookie Two

  • Unlock exclusive arm accessory at Swag's

Rookie Three

  • Unlock MyCourt backboard customization

Pro One

  • Tier 2 emotes unlocked. Skateboard, beach cruiser and scooter emotes unlocked

  • Neighborhood game-play animations now available

  • Legend jerseys available in the NBA Store

  • Tier 1 player panels unlocked

  • Low rider unlocked

  • Can buy eyewear and backpacks

Pro Two

  • Iron wall badge - set hard screens in park

  • Unlock exclusive arm accessory at Swag's

Pro Three

  • Unlock MyCourt scoreboard customization

All-Star One

  • Tier 3 emotes unlocked

  • Tier 2 player panels unlocked

  • More game-play animations unlocked, low rider animations unlocked

  • Park handles - perk dribble moves now available in the neighborhood

  • Hoverboard available

All-Star Two

  • Screen crusher badge - blow up hard screens in the neighborhood

  • Unlock exclusive arm accessory at Swag's

  • Unlock exclusive eye-wear

All-Star Three

  • Unlock DJ equipment - drop beats and perform in the neighborhood

  • Unlock MyCourt floor customization's

  • Use your own ball in the neighborhood games

  • Unlock MyCourt mural customization

Superstar One

  • You can now run around shirtless

  • More game-play animations unlocked, hoverboard animations unlocked

  • Neck, back and chest tattoos unlocked

  • Ability to spin the wheel twice at a time unlocked

  • Trike available at wheels

  • Tier 4 emotes unlocked

Superstar Two

  • Nothing easy badge - hard fouls at the rim boost your team's takeover in the neighborhood

  • Gym rat - no need to visit the gym, bonuses permanently unlocked

Superstar Three

  • My own entrance!

  • Mini-basketball game now unlocked for your MyCourt

  • Penthouse Unlocked

Elite One

  • Tier 3 player panels unlocked

  • Tier 5 emotes unlocked, trike animations unlocked

  • You can now spin the elite wheel

Elite Two

  • Create your own t-shirt

  • Takeover booster - your takeover meter will now fill up faster in the neighborhood

Elite Three

  • Can now buy and shoot off fireworks

  • Ability to earn double VC unlocked

  • Can buy mascot and elite clothes at Swag's


  • Arrive in style!

  • Get +10 badge points in each category

  • Legend player panels available