NBA 2K20 Speed Boost Requirements

What is Speed Boosting?

Speed boosting is a term for using certain dribble moves that give you a "speed boost" or increased acceleration out of the move.

Speed Boost Requirements

This year dribble animations and quick first steps have been separated out. You only need a high Speed With Ball rating to get fast first steps out of the triple threat and some dribble moves. There are three tiers of launch speed. You will need 86 Speed With Ball for the fastest Tier 3 First Steps.

You need 86 Ball Control to do the explosive behind the back dribble move. Confirmed this on Xbox.

The Quick First Step badge makes your launches faster regardless of which Speed With Ball tier you are in.

At this time it looks like there are no Elite animations. The highest level animations is Pro and they require 70 Ball Handle to unlock.

In 2K20 the Speed With Ball rating is based on a combination of 30% of your Ball Handle and 70% of your Speed.

Speed With Ball Chart

Refer to the chart below to see if your build gets 86 Speed With Ball

NBA 2K20 Speed With Ball Chart, Speed Boosting RequirementsCredit ooPaulagio for the chart
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