NBA 2K20 Park Trailer

August 28th, 2019

2K dropped the new Park/Neighborhood trailer. Some of the new features include

In the trailer we can see the park rep returns and has unlocks for each rank. The ranks in order are Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar and Elite.

We can see a lot of the rank rewards in the trailer.

Park rep rewards that we can see in the trailer are:

  • Rookie 3 - Bling from Swags, My Court Rims, Accessories

  • Pro 1 - Tier 2 Emotes, Neighborhood Animations, Skateboards

  • Pro 2 - Ability "Iron Wall - Set Hard Screens in the Neighborhood", Player Panels, Hats from Swags

  • Pro 3 - Legend Jerseys, Eyewear from Swags, Scooters

  • All-Star 1 - Tier 3 Emotes, Beach Cruisers, Gameplay Animations

  • All-Star 2 - Ability "Screen Crusher - Blow up hard screens in the Neighborhood", MyCourt Floors, Tier 2 Player Panels

  • All-Star 3 - DJ table, Tier 4 Emotes, BMX Bikes

  • Superstar 1 - Take your shirt off, Park Dribble Moves, Tattos on neck, back and chest

  • Superstar 2 - *cks? at Swags, Park Gameplay Animations, Double Spins at the Daily Spin Wheel,

  • Superstar 3 - Entrance? Gym bonuses without going to the gym, Low Rider

  • Elite 1 - Get shoes early, Tier 5 Emotes, No Place Like MyCourt

  • Elite 2 - Tier 3 Player Panels, Create your own T-Shirt, Double VC payouts

  • Elite 3 - Suits, Mascots

We don't have all the details yet but 3v3 Pro Am is exciting. We don't know if the sliders will be different but this means you can get in games faster without standing around the park waiting for people to step on the spot.

In the trailer we can see some of the new park events are the Big Top where players have big heads. Kind of like a throwback to the big head cheat in NBA Jam.

We can also see dodge ball comes back but this time in an old western themed area.