NBA 2K20 Dev Tweets Summary: Speed Boost Requirements and more

August 27th, 2019

Once again you need 86 Ball Control to speed boost. The Speed With Ball rating is 70% of your Speed Rating and 30% of your Ball Handling rating.

You have to use the Quick Draw badge this year for a faster jump shot. Stop & Go unlocks better dribble stop and launch animations.

The Right Stick dunking controls are a little different this year. Read up to make sure you're not using them wrong.

Shot Contest rating was removed from 2K20. Some people were confused and thought Shot Contest was part of Block. It is not part of Block this year, they use Interior Defense or Perimeter Defense ratings to determine your shot contest now.

Mike Wang lists the best times to try to steal the ball from a ball handler.

  • On the ball hand side.

  • During a dribble move.

  • When bodying someone and riding them a direction.

  • During a fumble.

  • Or from behind.

You need a 70 Ball Handle rating to unlock Pro dribble moves.

The reason for Quick Draw badge is to balance fast jump shots by giving it a cost.

Height and wing span is just as important for defense as defensive ratings.

Mike Wang gives a detailed explanation of how shooting off dribble and Difficult Shots badge works.

Space creator affects the stepback dribble moves and stepback off dribble shots.

You have to be more strategic with your use of the sprint Right Trigger this year.

Steady Shooter is a badge you want if you take a lot of contested shots.

2K released a blog on all the updated features for MyTEAM this year.

More info on Intimidator and Clamps badges