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NBA 2K19 My Player Speed Boost Requirements For MyCareer and Park

Speed boosting is a term for using certain dribble moves that give you a "speed boost" or increased acceleration. Only players with a 86 or higher Ball Control attribute may speed boost/momentum dribble.

In 2K19 your attributes go up or down based on how hot or cold your player is. This means you can gain or lose the ability to speed boost if your Ball Control is near 86. If you want to be able to do speed boost moves all the time we recommend that you go for a higher than 86 Ball Control.

Note: There is a bug, on XBOX only, that is causing players to need 87 Ball Control to speedboost. 87 was not required at launch and it's unknown if it will be fixed.

This table is from a 2K developer tweet.

Archetype combinations that can speed boost:

86 Ball Control - Speed Boost

Passing & Ball-HandlingRebounding5'7-6'5Default or lower
Passing & Ball-HandlingDefending5'7-6'5Default or lower
Passing & Ball-HandlingPassing & Ball-Handling5'7-6'8Default or lower
Passing & Ball-HandlingPost Scoring5'7-6'5Default or lower
Passing & Ball-Handling3PT Shooting5'7-6'6Default or lower
Passing & Ball-HandlingShot Creating5'7-6'6Default or lower
Passing & Ball-HandlingDriving & Finishing5'7-6'6Default or lower
Shot CreatingPassing & Ball-Handling5'7-6'5Default or lower
Shot Creating3PT Shooting5'7-6'1Default or lower
Shot CreatingShot Creating5'7-6'3Default or lower
Shot CreatingDriving & Finishing5'7-6'3Default or lower
Driving & FinishingPassing &Ball-Handling5'7-6'4Default or lower
Driving & FinishingShot Creating5'7-6'1Default or lower
Driving & FinishingDriving & Finishing5'7-6'1Default or lower
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